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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a revolutionary solution from Microsoft. The system will unify the way prospects and customers experience your business. It does this by providing self-service portals, peer-to-peer service and assisted service. 

This will empower your staff to provide exemplary customer service and also enables customers to self-service where possible.  The ultimate aim is to enhance customer loyalty and reduce inefficient processes.

The system enables the use of consistent, omnichannel engagement by giving your agents what they need to serve customers at any time and across any channel.  Furthermore, it empowers customers to self-serve through the easy creation of self-service portals, searchable knowledge base and online community spaces.

The system provides a single user interface so agents can see all service interactions in one place. This will enable agents to provide a truly personalised service and fast response. Another major benefot to this system is the built-in digital intelligence. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service features the latest is data visualisations and interactive dashboards. These simplified views of big data will help your agents get the insights they need and help identify meaningful trends and respond to new opportunities.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Example of Knowledge Base functionality from

Intelligent Customer Service video from Dynamics 365 YouTube channel

A key pain point for most customer service agents is trying to locate an answer for a customer query where business data might be in a variety of formats and held in different departments. Microsoft have developed a solution for this which will greatly save time and frustration. The Knowledge Base function (pictured left) is a private forum for your agents which contains all the company questions and answers. No more waiting around or chasing up internal emails, this system provides all the answers needed at the click of a search button.

Of course the other major benefit  common to all Microsoft solutions is there deep integration with Microsoft productivity tools like Office 365, the intelligence tools (Cortana, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning) and extensibilty tool (PowerApps).

If that was not enough, Microsoft also offers the AppSource store so you can further configure Dynamic 365 for Customer Service to your exact needs.  Apps are created from Microsoft and third parties giving you a huge range of choice. This might include telephony integration, document management and more. To see the full list of AppSource options click here

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Three key reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for Customer Service:

1. Provide exemplary Customer Experience through a seamless service which will create consistency for the customer and enhance loyalty for your business.

2. Empower your staff and save their time with a range of service apps

3. Be proactive not reactive. Respond quickly to customer demand or market changes by following the built-in digital intelligence.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, service benefits at a glance: 

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Personalised citizen service via any channel
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Enables relevant, personalised help processes
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Deep integration with other Microsoft tools for a seamless service
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Provides the ability to track social sentiment and intent
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Transparency of case history, preferences and feedback
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Fast access to information through single knowledge base
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Use AppSource to enhance the functionality
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Single interface tailored to job role means greater ease of use
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Develop case management and SLAs