Change Management is key to a successful CRM project. It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest obstacles to CRM implementation is gaining user buy-in.  The latest technology and the promise of being able to work smarter and more productively may be  exciting for some. For others, however, learning how to use a new system and moving away from ingrained processes may seem more of a daunting proposition.

This is where an effective Change Management strategy is crucial to ensure all end-users are brought on board from the very beginning of a project and supported once the new system has gone live. Ultimately, it takes away the fear of the unknown and gives your people reassurance throughout the transition process to help them embrace their new system.

SeeLogic is able to work with your organisation to develop a communication plan and Change Management strategy for your users, consisting of the following:

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Surveys give users a voice and help ascertain their expectations of a new CRM system including their interests, needs and any concerns at the very beginning of the project. Results can then be shared with the project team and provide a basis for developing a tailored communications plan.Surveys also provide a valuable method for identifying any further training requirements and support or system changes that may be needed once the new system has had a chance to ‘bed in’ within your organisation.
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Email Campaigns

Email campaigns help deliver bite-sized pieces of information to your different groups; keeping them abreast of project progress, helping reinforce the benefits and preparing them for what is to come.
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Product Preview & Training Videos

SeeLogic is able to prepare brief videos of specific areas in the new system whilst the project is in progress to help start familiarising users with the new system.

SeeLogic is also able to provide high quality in-context training and on-going support, further details can be found by visiting our training and support pages.

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