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Marketing Automation platforms enable automation of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. This will greatly reduce time spent on managing individual activity, as well as reduce manual error. Marketing Automation platforms will automatically send messages to prospects or customers based on the triggers you set. You can create a personal approach and nurture more leads.  The key to choosing the right platform is being clear on your audience and objectives.

We implement all of the leading automation platforms and provide consultancy to find you the right solution.

Key considerations when deciding on Marketing Automation software:

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AudienceIs your main audience group business or consumer? Does the audience respond best to e-mail, newsletter, social media or articles? How long does your audience take to make a purchase decision? Understanding the customer journey is key factor to help inform product selection.
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ObjectivesWhat are your main marketing objectives?  Your marketing objectives will shape whether you need better email delivery, social listening or content creation which should inform the system choice.
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UsersWho will be using the Marketing Automation system? A few people or multiple departments? Are their skill levels highly competent or technophobic? The user-base is very important to consider as it is possible to overwhelm or not fully cater for your marketing team. A training and user adoption plan is also an important consideration post implementation.
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CRM systemIt is of course important to consider  the CRM system that you use. Many Marketing Automation platforms have native integration with leading CRM or have an open API to develop integration.

"In a world where there seems to be increasing fragmentation of channels and audience, Marketing Automation is becoming an essential piece of kit for modern marketing and sales teams. Most Marketing Automation providers have similar features but very different benefits whether cost, integration or support. Getting help from an impartial consultant can take the headache out of selection and implementation."

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