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Eloqua from Oracle provides a comprehensive data and automation tool to boost customer experience. Eloqua is part of a huge Oracle network that provides over 500 applications and 700 integrations. Eloqua is a service of the Oracle Marketing Cloud which can help users manage activity across paid, owned and earned channels. These include activities like email, mobile, social, display and web. 

Oracle have provided services for companies all over the globe, so have considerable experience to draw from.

Eloqua provides all the marketing automation tools you’d expect such as email builders, landing pages, lead nurture and campaign builders plus sophisticated data management.  

Oracle Eloqua integrates with: 

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Integration with Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle CRM On Demand
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Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce

Video on new user experience features of Oracle Eloqua

Why we love Eloqua: "Sophisticated B2B automation platform part of the Oracle Cloud Marketing suite. Particularly suited to products or services with long purchase times."

Reasons to choose Eloqua:

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Placed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 2016
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Sophisticated tools for data management and automation
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Provides powerful tools for customer segmentation and targetting
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Complete lead scoring and lead management provision
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Sales enablement function through detailed prospect measurement and analytics
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Wealth of resources and support available from Oracle to ensure you and team make the most of all the functionality

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