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Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Highlights

Watch the first in our deep dive series which explores the latest features and benefits of Dynamics 365. In this edition, we look at the partnership between Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn. In particular, how LinkedIn Sales Navigator has seamless integration with Dynamics 365. If you would like to know more about Dynamics 365 or would […]

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IBM and Salesforce announce new partnership

Video of IBM & Salesforce agreement from Salesforce YouTube channel posted 21st March 2017 IBM and Salesforce announce new partnership! IBM and Salesforce recently announced a new partnership that will be a landmark agreement. It will bring huge benefits to customers with smarter data insights that scale. The partnership sees the two technology leaders bring […]

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Customer Trail Blazer

How to become a customer trail blazer  In this video first published on 6th October, Marc Benioff and other industry giants talk about the future of customer engagement. A key feature of the talk was Salesforce’s new AI suite Einstein  which will change how employees in all areas of business will engage with customers. Marc […]

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Infor CPQ can boost sales, improve customer experience and reduce costs

Infor CPQ can boost sales, improve customer experience and reduce costs CPQ (Configure Price Quote) from Infor has been designed to address tough business challenges. While the system is especially relevant for the manufacturing and distribution sectors.  It can help any business that offers a wide product range together with a high degree of configuration. Today’s business challenges… […]

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Improve your web site performance with Radview!

As well as being a leading provider of CRM solutions, SeeLogic is also partner to the leading performance testing provider Radview. Their product WebLOAD makes it easy to simulate thousands of virtual users. You can use it to perform website load testing and generate massive user load with WebLOAD’s extensive set of features and support […]

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Microsoft Updates on New Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will be available before the end of the calendar year. The new developments are aimed to increase productivity for customer-facing employees by providing a seamless experience across their Dynamics CRM application and their productivity applications like email, Excel, OneDrive for Business for easier task management, an enhanced mobile experience for the […]

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Lead Forensics can boost your sales!

In addition to being the leading provider of CRM solutions, we are also able offer ongoing marketing consultancy in order for you to maximise your CRM investment. Did you know that only 2% of B2B website visitors make an inquiry whilst browsing a website? This means that sales are missing out on hot leads to target as […]

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Scribe Online Software – migrate and integrate data in the cloud

Scribe Online Overview Scribe software is a frontrunner in data migration and integration capability. In a previous blog entitled “Scribe Insight Software for data migration and integration” I provided an overview of the on-premise version of Scribe software and a great video also gives some good detail of how the software looks and functions. There’s […]

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Scribe Insight Software for data migration and integration

An Overview of Scribe Insight Software It’s common enough in many of today’s companies to have a number of disparate systems to help run the business profitably and efficiently. It’s also very common that few of these systems “talk” to each other so companies end up with silos of duplicated data that has to be […]

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Sage CRM Dashboards: fully interactive data as you want it.

Sage CRM Dashboards; an Overview In a previous life I worked for GE as a Six Sigma Black Belt (for those readers unfamiliar with Six Sigma it is essentially a process improvement methodology and other methodologies are available(!)). One of the key fundamentals of Six Sigma was analysing what was “Critical to Quality” from a […]

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