SeeLogic is delighted to offer a range of CRM training courses from standard user training through to development training. We target the training for small groups of four to six people. Our  CRM training is tailored to your specifications.

We provide in-context training based on the specific needs of each user group. There are three specific training plans offered although we are happy to customise CRM training and support as needed.

A number of different types of training can be provided for different users:

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Administrator trainingIn order to help customers become self-sufficient in administering the CRM system, SeeLogic is able to provide administration CRM training for technical staff.
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User trainingSeeLogic works with clients to provide process-driven training courses. Delivered to teams of users,  focusing on users’ roles and their expected levels of interaction within the CRM solution. Thus ensuring use is at an optimal level.
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‘Train the trainer’ trainingSeeLogic recommends conducting a review of the system every six months to determine any further training requirements.  On-site or remote CRM surgeries can also be offered if there are specific areas that users need help with.

In addition to our training programs, SeeLogic also provides a YouTube channel with video “how-to” guides that can be shared and viewed with colleagues.

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