CRM is not simply a system with the potential to retain customer information based on manual entries. The evolved integration of your website, marketing automation software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or finance system bring in valuable customer information directly into your CRM software solution.

Potentially the installation and configuration of your CRM system is only the first step on the ‘yellow brick road’.

At SeeLogic, we have undertaken many complex integration projects with multiple software across multiple platforms. We can help with a range of integration requirements and use latest technology to achieve a smooth transition.

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You have a large one off data migration you need to carry out.
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Perhaps you need integration between your CRM system with other back office systems to display or transfer crucial data.
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Additionally you might want to set up business alerts and notifications based on field changes within your system, for example, sales managers could be emailed when high value opportunities are added or service managers could be alerted to high urgency issues.
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Perhaps you have users who receive lots of business cards in the course of their daily activities. Think how much easier their life would be if they simply scanned them into the CRM system.

If the above rings any bells for you then talk to us as we can provide the right services and tools to make this happen for your business.

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