Salesfusion provides an easy to use marketing automation platform that allows sales and marketing teams to be successful. Helping small and mid-sized businesses attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships, Salesfusion stands out with its sophisticated functionality yet simple approach.

While traditional marketing automation platforms were designed to consolidate and optimise marketing tasks, they do very little to create a unified sales funnel or facilitate the crucial handoffs between sales and marketing.  This is because they were created around a linear model: marketing warms leads and pushes them to sales.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5 reasons to consider Salesfusion

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Salesfusion was first created in 2007 and integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2009.
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Salesfusion is focused on enabling the user with their outbound/inbound digital marketing execution including best in class email marketing, website visitor tracking, surveys, forms, advanced nurtures, drips, triggers, social listening, and publishing.
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Licensing and Total Cost of Ownership

Salesfusion’s platform is licensed by the contacts marketed, which in essence provides unlimited users, storage and email sends.
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Target market

Salesfusion is designed to bridge the gap between sales and marketing for traditional mid-market digital marketing departments.
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Beyond Email Marketing

Salesfusion offer Lead Nurturing, Web Pages, Web Analytics and much more.

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