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Sage CRM is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

What’s more, it’s easy, adaptable and affordable. It is a highly functional CRM system that is easy to deploy and super-intuitive to use. Sage CRM is popular with the SME business as there are no minimum licence numbers, the software is easy to use and integrates with Sage finance software. 

SeeLogic are a Business Partner of Sage and specialist Sage CRM consultants. We can help advise on all aspects from implementation through to user-adoption. As independent CRM consultants, we can also advise on other integrating software such as marketing automation or campaign software. We have the knowledge and experience to make your Sage CRM project a success, so contact us today for a free demo or quotation. 

Sage CRM can be deployed: 

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 Sage can be deployed on premise
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 Sage can be deployed in the cloud at
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Video on “What is CRM?” from Sage CRM 

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“We looked at several products, from Sage, Microsoft and other leading players in the field. Sage CRM appeared easy to use and would allow us to start at a simple level with expansion over time. It had the specific features we required, such as opportunity management, company associations and multiple contacts, and multiple languages.”

Mark Lightowler, Managing DirectorKaysersberg Plastics

“Sage CRM supports a culture of constant progress. With Sage CRM, the next step is automatically built into the process, so we’re always moving forwards together to make the most of sales opportunities and build closer customer relationships. It reinforces the rigorous discipline of how we need leads to be followed up and the business developed. It’s not just on the most visible ‘top ten’ projects that Sage CRM adds value. It helps us to check that in chasing a new lead, salespeople are investing their time where it will bring best return.”

Mark Lightowler, Managing DirectorKaysersberg Plastics

“All the solutions seemed over complicated for our purposes or very inflexible. In contrast, when we invited Sage Business Partner SeeLogic to present, Sage CRM MME offered a good fit with the business, with a similar degree of sophistication to our own software. We could see it would be very flexible and easy to use. Seelogic could offer excellent implementation skills, with the customisation required to match our exact requirements.”

Dickie Bielenberg, Executive DirectorThe Customer Value Group

“Sage CRM MME has supported us in becoming much sharper and we have realised significant benefits around improved marketing and sales productivity. We target potential clients at the CFO level and do a lot of telephone pre-selling. The solution enables us to capture information and build up a picture of the prospect’s business, so that we can prepare a strong case before we meet face to face. We can even establish and record the systems architecture they have in place, so that we go armed with comprehensive knowledge of their infrastructure.”

Dickie Bielenberg, Executive DirectorThe Customer Value Group

8 reasons to consider SAGE CRM

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Global presence

Sage is a large organisation with offices in 23 countries and has a worldwide roster of 17,000 companies.
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ERP integration

Sage’s strongest value proposition is the pre-built integrations between Sage CRM and the vendor’s ERP products.
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A solution that’s matched to your business needs

From the CRM essentials to advanced campaign management and multi-department access.
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Mobile or web access

So you can manage your opportunities on the go.
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Business insight

Forecast sales and analyse trends with a variety of reports.
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Collect leads from your website

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Economical solution

Due to its lower price point, Sage’s offering is a good economical solution for Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seeking an alternative to better-known Sales Force Automation (SFA) vendors.
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In-built email marketing functionality

It can be activated so that prospect and customer data can be used in effective marketing campaigns along with additional Twitter and LinkedIn Social CRM functionality as standard.

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