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Dynamics 365 for Field Service will help your business master the service call. It is a complete solution which provides your teams with everything they need from optimised scheduling to predictive maintenance. Your business will be able to turn every service call into a strategic advantage and deliver excellent customer service. 

Dynamics 365 for Field Service contains a wealth of functionality that will transform your service operations.  The system includes a highly advanced scheduling tool to help you manage your team schedule and dispatch the right resources. It even has an automated tool which can schedule appointments on behalf of your team, ensuring each field service agent’s time is used to the most effect.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Example of Field Service optimised scheduling tool, image from

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service you can manage all you service agreements in one place. This includes recurring service calls , contracts installed products and warranties. Field Service Management tools will help your business improve service delivery as well as spot opportunities to increase revenue.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service will provide your business teams with everything they need to manage inventory across locations. From warehouse, trucks to depots, the real-time updates ensure your inventory is always accurate. Therefore, you can better track stock which means there will be better forecasting and less waste.

Demonstration of Dynamics 365 for Field Service from Microsoft

Dynamics 365 for Field Service is designed for anywhere, anytime access. Your field technicians will be able to access real-time and offline date from any device they use. They do not need to be Windows devices, the system is also configured to work with iOS and Android devices, meaning customer information is always at their finger tips. Administrators have the ability to manage all users and devices from a central location.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service gives your business the power to delight customers. You will be able to put the customer at the centre of every interaction. Customers will now be able to see a complete view of their cases, a live map and even a photo of the technician on route. This is powered through Field Services interconnection with Glympse and Twilio APIs.

What’s more, Dynamics 365 for Field Service has deep integration with the complete Microsoft suite from productivity tools like Office 365 to Intelligence tools like Cortana, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning as well as extensibility tools like PowerApps. This greatly enhances the impact and capabilities as well as creating a seamless experience for staff and customers alike.

Furthermore, you can extend the impact of Dynamics 365 for Field Service with a range of add-in applications from AppSource. This includes apps created by Microsoft as well as selected partners. With these extensions you can configure elements of the service chain to your exact business requirements.

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Three key reasons for choosing Dynamics 365 for Field Service:

1. Fit more appointments in the day and super-charge your scheduling

2. Anytime, anywhere access from native mobile apps that work in iOS, Android and Windows

3. Move from break-fix-repair model to a more profitable never-fail service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service, service benefits at a glance:

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Greater flexibility of appointments and resource scheduling
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Faster first time fix rates by using the right resources
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Simplified dispatching with map views and visualisation
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Real time customer information and insights
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Enables technicians to use barcodes, RFID and credit card readers
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Faster processing of word orders, remotely – including signature collections