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MailChimp produce leading Email Marketing Software which has over 14 million users worldwide. The system scales from small entry level  to global enterprise. The pricing structure is based on maturity and size of business, starting from free of charge up to enterprise level. 

MailChimp features all the features you’d expect such as creative templates, suppression management and advanced reporting. More advanced features include workflow management and automation.

MailChimp themselves provide ample support and training.  As a popular choice, there is a wealth of information on MailChimp from a huge community of users.  There is also a large ecosystem of apps in which to integrate from analytics to e-commerce and more. 

MailChimp integrates with: 

SeeLogic Cloud
Native integration with Salesforce
SeeLogic Cloud
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics
MailChimp Report

Example of advanced reporting features of MailChimp

Why we love MailChimp: "MailChimp is easy to use, comes with integration to a vast ecosystem of apps and has cost effective pricing levels"

SeeLogic Team

Reasons to choose MailChimp: 

SeeLogic Cloud
Leading platform with extensive training and support provided through MailChimp and community of users
SeeLogic Cloud
Integration with a host of software such as SurveyMonkey, WordPress, EventBrite and more
SeeLogic Cloud
Provides entry level to advanced features so can scale from beginner to advanced users
SeeLogic Cloud
Service is free to use for new businesses
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Intuitive and easy to use design
SeeLogic Cloud
Drag and drop email builder or use HTML design 

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