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Esker: Document Automation Made Easy!

Receive, extract, verify, manage and archive analytics, audit trail and customer portal with Esker’s range of on premise and cloud solutions. 

Their strategic vision is to transform the manual and time-consuming aspects of document processing into a digital and collaborative environment. They provide one shared platform for end-to-end automation of any business process. They process 25 million documents per month and have over 11,000 active document management customers worldwide so you can be assured you are in safe hands.

Many businesses such as Sony, GE Healthcare, Toshiba, Malaysia Airlines to smaller business have already reaped the benefits.

If your business could benefit from freeing up resource from repetitive low value tasks, then this is the solution for you.

Software integrates with:

SeeLogic Cloud
Integration with Sage
SeeLogic Cloud
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Video from Esker YouTube channel – may contain  3rd party adverts. 

Why we love Esker: "Esker invest so much in product development which is evident in their range of document automation and management products. Their document data capture product can greatly speed up order processing and reduce errors"

SeeLogic Team

Reasons to choose Esker: 

SeeLogic Cloud
Reduce error rates
SeeLogic Cloud
Decrease cost per order
SeeLogic Cloud
Increase customer satisfaction
SeeLogic Cloud
Improve process transparency
SeeLogic Cloud
Accelerate order processing
SeeLogic Cloud
Increase processing capacity

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