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Email Marketing Software is software designed to create, send and report on bulk email distribution. There are many products available on the market and selecting the right one for your business depends on a number of factors. 

Most Email Marketing Software feature drag & drop email builders and the ability to upload your own HTML design. They will also feature easy reporting, A/B testing and ability to export data. Where they tend to differ is on sophistication of email templates, levels of reporting and levels of scheduling or automation. 

Here are some key considerations for selecting Email Marketing Software:

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Does it integrate with your CRM and how much additional work around is needed to update CRM records? 
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What is the capability of your users? Are they comfortable with CSS and HTML or do they need a very simple user-friendly interface?
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What additional features do you need? Do you need landing pages, SMS, sophisticated testing functionality?  An important step is to make a list of essential features based on your marketing objectives.
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Will you be sending emails on behalf of other businesses? Some EMS providers allow you to set up as an agent.
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Do you need Email Marketing Software or would you be better getting a Marketing Automation platform?

SeeLogic can help with selection, implementation and ongoing support or training with selected Email Marketing Software partners. If you would like a demo or want to simply find out more, please contact us

"Most CRM systems can bulk send email campaigns, however, if you want to easily build creative email, add suppression links and view advanced reporting, then Email Marketing Software is the way to go."

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