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dotmailer is an intuitive email marketing automation platform, which offers a seamless integration between dotmailer’s powerful email marketing system and CRM. This creates a powerful, time saving solution for aligning email marketing campaigns with the exact needs of the individual customer and prospect.

dotmailer is a leading UK email marketing software that was created initially for the BBC and which has gone on to work with brands all over the globe. The power of dotmailer lies in its integrations with CRM, enabling users create a power marketing automation suite which updates at contact level.

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Powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics which enables email marketing information to be updated at contact level.
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Integration with Salesforce and other CRM.

Video to showcase the history of dotmailer 

Why we love dotmailer: "Leading UK software with over 15 years experience who create powerful connections with CRM"

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5 reasons to consider dotmailer

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UK’s number 1 email marketing provider with over 70,000 users in over 150 countries.

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DotMailer is built to play well with others.
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Flexible pricing

That suits your budget and your business needs
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Easy Editor

No HTML required. It’s very easy to drag and drop your elements, customising the campaign according to your needs.
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Robust Reports

These show open rates, browsers used, etc.

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