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CRM for Cleaning services 

SeeLogic has specifically configured the highly functional Sage CRM platform to be the perfect CRM for cleaning services. Our configured product contains all the elements to enable you to manage the whole customer life-cycle. From first point of contact through to managing contracts and maintaining loyalty, this system gives you the power to digitally manage your services.

As a trusted Business Partner of Sage, SeeLogic has implemented a number of Sage CRMs and has become a specialist in configuring CRM for customer’s exact requirements. Following a successful configuration of Sage CRM for a leading national cleaning service, SeeLogic is now able to offer a CRM system that is specifically set up for cleaning services and is available immediately without further development. What’s more, if you are an existing Sage 50 or Sage 200 user, the systems integrates at a deep level to provide the ultimate business solution. Other integrations are possible, so please speak to us to find out more.

 The full 360 degree view of all the interactions your company has had with key stakeholders including:  

SeeLogic Cloud
SeeLogic Cloud
Customers – both B2B & B2C 
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SeeLogic Cloud
Sage CRM for Cleaning

Image of a Sage CRM dashboard as it appears on a Tablet

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Elevate your sales performance 

The increase in productivity of sales effort reported by Sage customers

Elevate your marketing performance

The improvement to campaign results reported by Sage customers

Elevate your service performance

The improvement to customer satisfaction levels reported by Sage customers

Business challenges…

Cleaning Service providers face some major challenges. The low cost of entry means there is a large number of micro to medium service providers starting out each year. This has become acerbated in the last few years, through the increasing number of digital disruption companies offering zero hour contracts. This means there is huge competition to win clients as well as competition to recruit and retain the best staff.  There is the need to store and use equipment and cleaning products in a compliant way, keeping up-to-date with legislation change. All of this is on top of the usual business challenges of winning new business, managing staff, processing orders and invoices. We have identified a number of pain points with Cleaning Service professionals we speak to, which include:

      • Having to track and manage different types of cleaning contracts
      • Having to manage different cleaning contractors and fulfill contractual obligations despite holidays, sickness & absence
      • Having to track profitability of services that have been provided
      • Retaining customers and tracking satisfaction

This is why a Cleaning Service specific CRM can be a huge business advantage. It has already been configured with the fields, reports and other assets that you need to manage and grow your business.

SeeLogic Cloud
Contracts, Contract Services and Costs entities have been created that will capture and manage Contracts won against clients. This new Contracts area stores start & end dates, grand totals, contract services and costs all in one place.
SeeLogic Cloud
Specific reporting integers such as ‘Gross profit %’, ‘Daily Total £’,  ‘Weekly Total £’  and ‘Yearly Total £’ are already calculated so you can easily keep on top of Profit & Loss and manage the bottom line.
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Income type is set up to capture specific activities such as Daily Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Floor Treatment, Janitorial Supplies, Grounds Maintenance and more.  You can easily view the income and expenditure by type. This will also help you plan tasks and manage workforce.
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Hourly, daily and weekly pay rates are implemented in system so you can manage staff pay for each contract  or job. Holiday pay is also a featured field. This allows you to have full sight of your teams workload and availability, as well as managing costs.

Why use Sage CRM?

Sage CRM is particularly suited to the small to medium enterprise. The system can be used with as little as one licence unlike some other CRM providers who set a minimum of five licenses. Sage CRM is compatible with all Sage finance and payroll software which when combined, provides the ultimate business solution.

Sage have invested a great deal of time in developing their CRM solution for the SME market. The Sage integrated CRM solution enables small and medium sized businesses to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With a complete view of customer activity across your business, you will gain better business insight, increase the productivity of your teams, and put your business on the path to growth.

What’s more, with the configuration from SeeLogic, you know the solution meets your specific sector needs and is ready to go immediately.

Here are some further benefits of Sage CRM for Cleaning Services: 

Sage Cleaning - Contracts

With Sage CRM for Cleaning Services you can now manage all your cleaning contracts in one place, including:

SeeLogic Cloud
Entitlements and renewals
SeeLogic Cloud
Track costs such as income analysis and profit & margin
SeeLogic Cloud
Schedule cleaners though the CRM
SeeLogic Cloud
Produce standardised and professional contracts at the click of a button.
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Sage CRM for Cleaning Services will enable you to maximise your sales effort. Whether you are a micro to medium enterprise, the system can boost sales by:

SeeLogic Cloud
Helping you keep on top of your sales pipeline
SeeLogic Cloud
Identify and manage up sell or cross opportunities
SeeLogic Cloud
Measure your company’s progress using sales Metrics for Managers
SeeLogic Cloud
Evaluate the performance of your business with Sales KPIs for Managers
SeeLogic Cloud
Deep integration with Sage 50 and  Sage 200 for full financial and accounting compatibility.
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Sage CRM Cleaning