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Get ready for GDPR with GDPRo

To help organisations get ready for the arrival of GDPR, SeeLogic has developed an easy-to-use GDPR governance solution to help your organisation's nominated Data Protection Officer manage compliance in one central location.


1. Discover

Identify what personal data you have and where it resides

  • Where is your organisation's data located? GDPRo allows data protection officers to get a multi-dimensional view of where their organisation's data is held
  • Data mapping surveys allow your data protection team to audit and track which stakeholders have access to personal data
  • Monitor the systems and databases your organisation has access to and evaluate their security


Govern how personal data is used and accessed

  • Record data requests received from your customers
  • Track and monitor the progress of internal and external data requests with real-time reports and dashboards
  • Log and manage employee training and system maintenance requests
  • Conduct privacy impact assessments via electronic surveys and record results
  • Fast-track your journey to compliance with example training, policy and procedure templates


Establish security controls to prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and data breaches

  • Record and evaluate potential data risks and breaches
  • Track and monitor breaches in real-time with highly-visual interactive dashboards

4. Report

Execute on data requests, report data breaches and keep required documentation

  • Govern your organisation's GDPR obligations with a suite of highly visual dashboards covering;
    • Stakeholders
    • Activities
    • Data access requests
    • Data breaches
    • Data correction
    • Right to erasure requests
    • Risks identified
    • Archive requests
    • General data requests
    • General data issues
    • Training requests

GDPRo Pricing

Quick-start GDPR Governance soultion.


12 Monthly Payments

  • GDPRo Governance Solution
  • 1 user license
  • Over 40 policy,Procedure,Questionnaire & Training Guide templates developed by privacy and secuirty experts worth over £50,000
  • Online training videos
  • Installation

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