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Cloud vs on-premises –  Should you stay or should you go?

If your company relies on an on-premises solution and is cautious about moving to the cloud then you are not alone. Many CIOs are concerned with security and complexity when it comes to migrating data to cloud services. There are many considerations when comparing cloud vs on-premises CRM solutions.

In this whitepaper “Should I stay or should I go?” we take a look at the main concerns that businesses have voiced, together with how these concerns are being addressed by the big SaaS and IaaS suppliers.

We compare the benefits and concerns of cloud vs on-premises options and look at future direction of service providers. In addition, we provide breakdown and comparison of the major cloud security features of Microsoft, Salesforce and Infor.

Key Highlights:

SeeLogic Cloud
A review of leading concerns raised by CIOs when considering cloud vs on-premises solutions
SeeLogic Cloud
A review of security threats and instances for cloud and on-premises environments
SeeLogic Cloud
A look at new hybrid solutions
SeeLogic Cloud
Comparison of cloud security feaures
SeeLogic Cloud
To read the full article click here: Should you stay or should you go?

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