Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) helps Newell Rubbermaid to transform customer service across Europe

Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid Profile

Newell Rubbermaid is a global marketer of consumer and commercial products that touch millions of people every day where they work, live and play. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has about 19,000 employees worldwide, with sales of approximately $6 billion.

Newell Rubbermaid products and brands are organized into three segments: Home & Family; Office Products; and Tools, Hardware & Commercial Products. The corporate vision is to be a global company of Brands That Matter™ and great people, known for best-in-class results. Over the years, the company has built a strong portfolio of brands, including Dymo®, Parker®, Waterman®, Paper Mate®, Graco®, Rubbermaid® and Irwin®.


As a result of acquisitions over the years, Newell Rubbermaid used to operate some 35 disparate customer service centres across Europe. In late 2007, the company decided to consolidate and harmonise these centres, as part of its ‘One Company’ strategy. The overarching goal was to improve service quality and efficiency through simplified and unified processes.

David Hatter, VP EMEA IT and Customer Service, explains the thinking behind this decision,

“We needed to ensure that all our customer service teams could work in the same way, with the same tools and the same processes, and with a consistent approach to resolving issues. Our main objectives included building a strong customer knowledge database and developing a more proactive customer service attitude. We could see the potential for our customer service teams to assist the sales force in opening up new sales and marketing opportunities.”


Newell Rubbermaid recognised the critical role of technology in driving a development of this magnitude and looked for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that could support the business Europewide.
It would be a key element in the transition, along with common telephony and harmonised business processes.

A couple of years earlier, the business had invested in the Saleslogix CRM system, with an implementation in the north of England to support the local Irwin Tools division. Saleslogix had proved its value in the UK but there was no assumption that this would become the European solution. Newell Rubbermaid took a serious look at other solutions, such Microsoft Dynamics and SAP CRM, and needed convincing that Saleslogix could scale up to support the whole European customer service team.

SeeLogic proved that Saleslogix would be a good fit. The Saleslogix CRM Business Partner highlighted not only the comprehensive CRM capabilities within Saleslogix, but its match to the company’s multi-language, multi-country business model. David comments,

“A combination of factors influenced our decision: we’d had good experience of Saleslogix in the UK; it fitted our functional needs, with the ability to move to a mobile solution at a later date; and it fulfilled our language requirements, which not all systems do. Being able to capitalise on our previous investment in the UK was a bonus.”

Newell Rubbermaid chose SeeLogic, who specialise in CRM implementations, to implement and support the solution because of their ability to develop and customise Saleslogix to meet business requirements, and competitive pricing. SeeLogic had also been supporting the UK Saleslogix system and could demonstrate their commitment to providing excellent technical support, including out-of-hours coverage.

SeeLogic developed Saleslogix to meet requirements around the tickets area, where customer issues are logged and claims authorised. Applying their integration expertise, they linked the CRM system to the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and to its data warehouse.

David says, “SeeLogic successfully delivered the system on time. Indeed, they were very good throughout, with a very responsive approach.” Since the implementation, he has found SeeLogic “very efficient” in supporting the system. Trained, internal Saleslogix administrators are the first port of call for users’ queries. The IT administration team who provide the second level of support can draw on SeeLogic’s expertise whenever necessary.

The benefits

It is still early days, but already Saleslogix spans different divisions and different territories (termed ‘clusters’) across the diverse business. The system originally installed in the UK now also runs in France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. Newell Rubbermaid is on track to having a single, integrated system on which to log, manage and resolve all customer issues across all European divisions, from fine writing implements to industrial tools.

Training reinforces the investment in technology, so staff apply a common approach to call-handling. In fact, as SalesLogix enables and supports common, consistent working practices, new customer service agents can quickly get up to speed. David outlines the day-to-day challenges that Saleslogix has addressed,

“Where customer service agents once had to pull information, such as orders outstanding or sales history, from four or five different screens, with Saleslogix it’s all consolidated. Now, any member of the customer services team, wherever they are based, can pick up understanding of the product, and handle a customer’s call. An easily accessible, shared database puts all the relevant information at their fingertips. Pricing, deliveries, promotional literature… whatever the query, all the information is instantly there on a single screen, so our agents can quickly provide a consistently professional response.”

Data entered once on the system is accessed by multiple users, increasing data accuracy and saving time. Agents can also alert colleagues to take appropriate action directly from Saleslogix. This again saves time as there’s no need to go into a separate email application.

Handling customer claims is a good example of an integrated process. Saleslogix provides an auditable claims process which is visible across all the European customer service departments. Staff can generate a claim in the UK and Benelux clusters, and flag it for authorisation by the Shared Services Centre team, based in Goirle in the Netherlands. Credit notes created on Saleslogix raise paperwork in the ERP system. When a customer calls to make a claim, line item information is automatically dropped into the claim from the ERP system.

Over time, as the system becomes more embedded within the business, SalesLogix is increasingly generating management reports, cutting the data to show the number of claims raised, status of claims, reason code, and so on. Its graphical reporting features are proving useful.

The future

In the months ahead, Newell Rubbermaid will roll out Saleslogix to help harmonise processes in customer service centres in Poland, Spain and Italy.

Customer service agents using Saleslogix have in-depth customer knowledge readily at hand, so there’s potential to extend their role in identifying and maximising sales opportunities. Initiatives are under way in France and the UK to start running Saleslogix based sales campaigns in the near future.

David Hatter sums up the contribution of Saleslogix to Newell Rubbermaid’s customer service strategy,

“The story is one of customer service transformation, involving telephony, CRM, location and processes. Saleslogix is a key element in this transformation, an enabler in our drive to restructure our centres, standardise working practices and deliver service excellence cost-effectively.”

Learning Points and Results

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A solution that cost-effectively supports consistent service delivery.
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Easy access to shared customer information for all customer service teams.
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A powerful solution that can be scaled up and rolled out to all divisions and territories.
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Multi-language and multi-country to match the company’s European operations.
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Support from a technically assured, experienced Business Partner in SeeLogic.

The story is one of customer service transformation, involving telephony, CRM, location and processes. Saleslogix is a key element in this transformation, an enabler in our drive to standardise working practices and deliver excellent service cost-effectively. Now, any member of the customer services team, wherever they are based, can pick up and handle a customer’s call… whatever the query, all the information is instantly there on a single screen, so our agents can quickly provide a consistently professional response.

David HatterVP EMEA IT and Customer Service, Newell Rubbermaid