SeeLogic help LOT-QuantumDesign turn existing Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) into a solid platform for business growth.

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LOT – QuantumDesign UK Profile

SeeLogic help LOT-QuantumDesign turn existing Infor CRM  software (formerly Saleslogix) into a sold platform for business growth.

LOT-QuantumDesign UK is the country’s foremost independent distributor of surface analysis, spectroscopy and imaging instrumentation. For over twenty years, the company has been supplying highly specialised scientific instruments from leading manufacturers to a broad range of customers, including universities and research establishments. Its multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers provide technical support throughout an instrument’s working life.

Based in Leatherhead, Surrey, LOT-QuantumDesign is part of the European L.O.T. group, which has its head office in Darmstadt, Germany, and employs around a hundred people.

Some years ago, LOT-QuantumDesign installed Saleslogix, the mid-range customer relationship management solution, to support its marketing, sales and contact management activities. One of the key requirements of the implementation was to automate a manual order-processing system. Bespoke work to do this was commissioned and carried out, but failed to produce the desired results.

Taking up the story, Managing Director David Want describes the situation he inherited on joining the company.

“I really couldn’t see what value we were getting out of Saleslogix, other than for storing contact information. Without proper training, our sales people were only using the bare bones of the system, some five years on from the original implementation, and I was on the receiving end of constant complaints about its instability. Clearly, as a sales-oriented business, we needed better support for systematically recording all sales and marketing activity – calls, visits and so on – so we could collate the data held in sales people’s personal systems into a centralised store of information about our customers’ complex needs.”

As the SalesLogix system became increasingly unstable, the cost of support from the then business partner was also rising sharply, with every call costing LOT-QuantumDesign dearly. David says, “We assumed this was the industry norm”.


LOT-QuantumDesign was reluctant to incur more expense to rectify the problems with Saleslogix – with potentially the same disappointing outcome. Thinking they would never get the required functionality and with the end of the lease approaching, managers looked to cut their losses. “We were anxious not to throw good money after bad”, recalls David.

The search began for an alternative solution, and LOT-QuantumDesign kept its options open on the possibility of moving away from Saleslogix completely.

Aylesbury-based SeeLogic were able to offer an alternative course of action. They showed LOT-QuantumDesign how usage of the core product could be maximised so that neither a shift to another technology nor further bespoke work would be necessary. As well as being impressed by SeeLogic’s product knowledge, LOT-QuantumDesign appreciated their realistic appraisal of the effort and cost required. SeeLogic offered a flexible approach to working with the company and within its timeframes.

SeeLogic comments, “Our years of experience in working with Saleslogix have given us in-depth knowledge of its potential to help the client’s business. Our approach is, therefore, always to begin by looking at how the standard functionality of the product can be used, rather than recommending bespoke work which would obviously cost more.”

It all sounded a good way forward, but given previous experience it is hardly surprising that David admits to being sceptical at the time.


SeeLogic deliver on their promises.

The first step towards a resolution was for SeeLogic’s Eddie Harford to perform a health check on the Saleslogix system. Eddie unearthed and resolved numerous problems, such as lost and corrupt data, server errors, and incomplete, flawed development work. For a relatively small amount, SeeLogic also carried out an upgrade to the latest version of the software. All development was done in accordance with a detailed, pre-agreed test plan. To avoid new errors creeping in, work was carried out on a test system before being implemented on the live system. The process was successful and LOT-QuantumDesign were happy – and relieved – to sign off the work as a success. SeeLogic reacted quickly to resolve any reported teething problems.

SeeLogic also trained LOT-QuantumDesign’s users, demonstrating how the system could help them to work more efficiently and the business to gain greater control of its sales and marketing. David notes, “SeeLogic delivered everything they promised – and more besides. They created a fully automated and configurable system which works with no issues. This gave us confidence to pull the plug on the old manual paper-based system once and for all.”

A stable system backed by strong support

David goes on to highlight the value that Saleslogix now brings to LOT-QuantumDesign, “We’ve gone far beyond simply storing contact details: we use it to keep track of opportunities, log the potential value and probability of closing a deal, and generate quotes from it. It helps us to take a proactive approach to sales: we assign time every week to look at entries over the past thirty days, check whether the customer has received the requested quote or information, and identify any obstacles to progressing the sale.”

The upgrade to the latest version of Saleslogix means LOT-QuantumDesign can now depend on it to run marketing campaigns, track the results and analyse return on investment. SeeLogic were also able to advise on replacing ageing hardware and provide a smooth, trouble-free migration of the database to the new server.

David stresses, “It’s been nothing less than a transformation. Today, we can’t function without Saleslogix. SeeLogic have turned it into a very stable platform for our business and provide proactive support to help us manage it.”

SeeLogic are organised to resolve a high percentage of supports issues on the first call, with members of its support team allocated to specific accounts and given client-specific training. All tickets are responded to within a maximum of four hours; more usually within thirty minutes. David praises the level of service he has received, “SeeLogic always go the extra mile to provide support and have been a strong presence on-site. Whereas in the past, I never quite
knew what I was paying for, SeeLogic have been transparent and straightforward in all their dealings with us, with excellent communication.”

The next step

With Saleslogix now transformed into a reliable and valuable asset, essential to the smooth running of business operations, the number of LOT-QuantumDesign users will grow in line with company expansion and David is keen to start using it to track the sales pipeline and provide more accurate forecasting.

As the product itself continually evolves, further upgrades will be essential to maximise the benefits it can bring to the business. These will be delivered by SeeLogic, as LOT-QuantumDesign’s preferred supplier.

Benefits to LOT-QuantumDesign

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Maximum value gained from the standard functionality of SalesLogix.
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All the expense and disruption of a major system change avoided.
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System now delivers comprehensive support for sales and marketing activities.
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Excellent technical support and training from a knowledgeable business partner.

Learning Points and Results

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SeeLogic maximised the benefit of the existing SalesLogix solution with minimal additional investment.
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Technical health check and upgrade resulted in a stable platform supporting LOT-QuantumDesign’s requirements.
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A comprehensive training plan re-engaged users who now work with a system that now delivers comprehensive support for sales and marketing activities.

It’s been nothing less than a transformation. Today, we can’t function without Saleslogix. SeeLogic have turned it into a very stable platform for our business and provide proactive support to help us manage it.

David WantManaging Director, LOT-QuantumDesign UK