Kalahari is a global provider of real-time price discovery, analytics and data publishing software solutions. With clients spanning four continents that include some of the world’s largest and most progressive banks, interdealer brokers, fund managers and energy institutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Solution Overview

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Fully integrated information on projects and clients, collated from all parts of the company.
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Information easily accessible by Kalahari’s global team.
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A centralised store of information across the client lifecycle to support delivery of excellent service and responsive support.
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Greater understanding and control of revenue streams from complex projects.
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A solution with the scope to expand in line with changing business requirements.

Watch Peter Trenier, Chairman of Kalahari Limited, discuss their CRM implementation.

We talked to a number [of companies] but found the Seelogic team understood our needs as expressed in our own language. The implementation process was clear and realistic. There were no surprises… This clarity in itself saved us a lot of money.

Peter TrenierManaging Director, Kalahari Ltd