CRM systems provide a comprehensive set of tools that enable customer service teams to manage a wide range of customer issues.  By systematic logging, tracking and following up of customer support issues, service levels can be raised to a standard of excellence that will delight your customers.

CRM for Service will enable the following features:

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Issue logging

The first step in a process, CRM can help you keep a clear track of this process.

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Defect resolution

Clear information on action taken, linking it to the original issue.

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Product returns

Managing the process making it straightforward for the both the customer and your company.

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Content Tracking

Contract tracking and Service Level Agreements can be implemented.

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Case Management

Generate a knowledge base of items through case management. CRM helps you to build up a complete picture of processes creating a bedrock for full analysis of processes.

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Auto Response

Auto generation of cases and auto responding. Meaning less person power required so that time is freed up for your team to concentrate on other key areas.

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